The Apothecary Diaries, episode 18

In which one secret is openly revealed, another is subtly revealed, and a third is almost there. Also, family reunions suck.

Verdict: I would be very happy if they announced more cours for this show.

(something in this episode made this picture resonate with me…)

Solo Murderhobo, episode 6

Making friends and killing people. Right on schedule. Again, it’s nice that they’ve worked a lot of the supporting cast into these early episodes. If they get enough seasons to make use of them, that is. You’ve got to feel a bit sorry for Our New Best Friend, though, who’s stuck in that awkward state between hero worship and abject terror.

Verdict: five stars, would kill again.

(Cha got about five seconds in this episode; I guess she’ll have to do until Esil shows up)

McPharmacist And Friends 2, episode 6

In which Our Loving Waifu demonstrates the proper way to bounce in a bikini (pon-pon girls take note!), Our Retired Heroine forgets her bikini but sadly wears an oversized shirt instead, Our Slow Heroes win the gratitude of an entire village using their medicinal talents, Our Psychotic New Hero lives up to the label, Our Cuddly Assassinette goes undercover, Our Ambitious Cardinal turns out to be surprisingly spry, and looting a dragon’s hoard is sure to end badly.

Verdict: I found the whole New Hero thing tedious in the light novels, and it’s no better here. It’s also far from over, so it’s going to continue to pollute the rest of the season.

(nothing says year-of-the-dragon like a bit of Grea-service)

Unrelated, speaking of family…

…banality after the jump, as they say.

One of my uncles, who’s been in poor health for a long time, died Friday night. Kind of sad, but not unexpected; honestly, it was always a pleasant surprise to discover he was still alive somewhere, kind of like Fish. In the process of notifying everyone, though, we discovered that my aunt had also died.

In December of 2020.

Most of the family had never been informed, and weren’t even mentioned in her obituary. So that’s one cousin who has unlocked the “wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire” achievement.

(how things got that way is a long story involving things I was never involved in, that happened while I was living in California)

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