Molesting Magical Girls, episode 7

Achievement unlocked: Break The Cutie! In which we learn the innocent origin of Our Dominant Villainess’ naughty obsession, and watch Our Bustiest Magical Girl reveal her origin while falling into despair as her will to fight is compromised by her submissive awakening. With plenty of nudity, of course.

Verdict: the production team’s real kink is storytelling. Next week: the other two girls in the OP have been out there kicking Magical Girl ass, not just spanking it. Or spanking it.

Reference Density, Pon Edition

An occasional mahjong blogger watched Pon No Michi and called out all the references in the first two episodes (1, 2), including the OP and ED songs. I imagine this will continue.

(this picture has more bounce than six episodes of the show…)

Killer Bingo

Did you have illegal alien, person of color, fraudulent voter, Bernie supporter, schizophrenic, repeatedly involuntarily committed, identified as opposite sex (but hasn’t been claimed by trans activists for some reason…), lengthy criminal record, Hamas supporter, illegal gun purchaser, church shooter, and suicide-by-cop on your card? Bingo!


When activists and lawmakers work to disarm the populace and force them to rely on professionals for protection, maybe they should, y’know, train them, so they don’t shoot up their own (occupied) squad car because they heard an acorn hit it.

(I like cops, and appreciate the value they provide to society, but most of them can’t shoot for shit, and this one was clearly a touch too excitable for the profession)

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