3D cheesecake: breaking the rules

I recently ranted on what not to do in glamour photography, inspired by a shoot on Big Boobs Japan (NSFW! Javascript off!) where every single picture was shot at a different angle for no good reason.

What I didn’t say was that you can do all of those things, well or poorly, as long as the result is focused on the girl, and not on the photographer’s ego and/or incompetence. So here are some that walked that fine line, and some that gleefully jumped over.

The tricky bit was actually finding some good line-jumpers, since I usually don’t save those at all (and the last thing I need is to go trolling for more pictures). Most of them are NSFW, because I’m a bit more forgiving when titties are involved…

(and, yes, posting 200+ pics in a set helps me make a tiny dent in the backlog; why, if I did that every day, I’d catch up in only nine months!)

Naughty Little Rulebreakers…

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