Pixiv: marshmallows!

Marshmallow Oppai (マシュマロおっぱい), to be precise. I can’t imagine which recently-watched anime might have inspired this theme; target-rich environment, really. The only difficulty is that roughly 80% of the available pics are either Rem or Mashu Kyrielight (the latter being basically the trope namer, Marshmallow = mashu-maro).

Rigid tool holders…

Figures that right after I rant about poorly-designed 3D printable holders for 3D printing tools, someone shows how it’s done. Minimal volume of plastic, no supports necessary, fits on a lot more printers (175x125x58mm), with generic slots. It even has nicely-rounded edges. A few points off for abusing the words “generic” and “universal” while not including a wide slot or larger round hole, but other than that, it’s an excellent piece of work. Still not going to print it, though.

Unrelated Cura plugin

Material Settings, in the marketplace. This gives you a GUI method of making additional settings filament-specific (such as material_flow for a brand that runs thick/thin), rather than having to edit the XML by hand.

Yes, the only documentation for how to do this is in a comment on a bug that was closed with “won’t fix”. And the plugin exists because its author commented on the bug and agreed it would be nice to have.

Rigid-tool holders

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