Cheesecake: santa costume

7 days ago was my birthday (50th, as it happens) and 7 days from now is Christmas, so it’s time for a special triple-length cheesecake post, and the theme is naughty and nice anime girls riding the sleigh, hurrying down the chimney, jingling bells, making merry, raising spirits, putting lumps in stockings, visiting the north pole, unwrapping their presents, and giving joy to the world. Some of those are euphemisms, but as usual, you’ll have to do your own Gelbooru searches to find the more intimate images.

While searching, I came across the following wonderfully clueless comment on this image:

"removing zettai_ryouiki, she is nowhere to be found in this picture, please don't mistag"

Apparently he didn’t realize he was soaking in it.


Cheesecake: nurse

Yes, it’s true: the most common adjective associated with nurses is ‘naughty’, and Gelbooru contributors firmly embrace this. So much so that I had to pass over quite a few, especially the ones that involved equipment less wholesome than stethoscopes and syringes…


Cheesecake: oldschool

The number one lesson I learned from browsing the oldschool tag was that, even with an exclusion list that weeded out the really raw stuff, most fan artists have very intimate memories of their childhood favorites. Especially Nausicaa.

No red half-rims here, because apparently they hadn’t been invented yet!


Cheesecake: monster girl

There are two basic problems with the monster_girl category at Gelbooru: lolis and Everyday Life With Monster Girls. Both are a bit overexposed. Lots of mermaids, too, of course, but as long as it’s not the same one every time, that’s fine.


Bonus Cheesecake

Or, more precisely, Chii’s-cake. Rather large image after the jump, worth clicking through to the much-larger original if you like the character.


Cheesecake: wedding dress

It’s clear that Gelbooru users currently have Rem ranked Number One Waifu, but I had to lead off with some classics. A lot of the pictures in this category should really be tagged wedding_night, but we’ll save those for later…


Cheesecake: american flag

Not to be confused with American Flagg!, drawn by “Wholesome” Howie Chaykin (as Stan Lee used to call him…), American flags are quite popular in anime and Japanese cheesecake photography. Given the history between the two countries, this can seem a bit odd, but for 16-year-old anime fans and 18-year-old bikini models, that was generations ago.

The category is currently dominated by Kantai Collection and Touhou, but if you page back a bit, there are other options. Red half-rims below the fold, and one loli crept in because she was paired with Kurumu-chan.


Cheesecake: rubber duck

[warning! is currently serving up malware in their ad rotation; view their site with shields at maximum and Javascript disabled. Nothing there actually requires Javascript anyway, so it’s no loss.]

It will come as no surprise to You Know Who that the rubber_duck tag is a target-rich environment for cheesecake. Or that something legendary for making bath-time lots of fun would lead to water, soap suds, and lots of bare skin. And, because Japan, lots of lolis, tagged and untagged, sigh.

I rejected many quite pleasant pictures for being horizontal, so I may do a roundup at some point with the images sized differently. I also rejected censorducks and strategically-placed steam, so maybe that one will also be more NSFW.


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