"Someday, you could just walk past a fez."

The DoctorNana Asakawa: “Never gonna happen.”


The Cutest Little Sister In The World

No, wait, that’s the book Our Hero is writing in Eromanga-Sensei. The porn film series debut these photos come from is actually called “My Little Sister’s Lovely Boobs Keep Popping Out”.

Which, come to think of it, sounds exactly like a late-night anime title. Maybe it comes out next season.

Anyway, Miharu Usa demonstrates her qualifications for the lead role after the jump.


Jun Amaki

Jun Amaki falls somewhere in the middle of the current pack of gravure models: age 21, nominal singing career, pretty enough that stylists and photographers don’t forget to include her face, but only 1 photobook and 3 DVDs so far in her four-year career. That last is a bit surprising, since she’s also 4'10" with a 95-I bustline, and falls firmly into the “loli-cute” category (referring to the face only, of course…).

And she can be quite expressive on camera:

She is featured in a group photobook coming out in a few weeks, titled If My Cat Turned Into A Cute Girl. I wonder what breed she’ll be…


Cheesecake Champloo 5: Duos

Another trip through the leftover folder, this time selecting pictures with exactly two girls. For obvious reasons, some of these are NSFW, and hidden at the end.


Mai Nishida, Buckeye


Cheesecake: pocky

The pocky tag includes the pocky_kiss tag, which brings in issues of consent as well as lolis, so I had to reject quite a bit. Something about mixing symmetrical docking with phallic candy and little girls seems to appeal to fan-artists, but not so much to me.

Instead, I’ll lead off with the grown-up virgin bride who made Pocky the oral fixation for anime girls.


Cheesecake: beer

Who else could I lead off with on this one?


Fun with Hugo shortcodes...

“You have my sword”

“​…and my axe”

(via pixiv)

I needed a proper spoiler/NSFW tag for Hugo, and then of course I needed something to hide with it…

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”