Hoshii na~~~

Duck invasion? Have no fear, Mizuki Hoshina’s on the job.

(NSFW? With rubber ducks? Say it isn’t so.)


Pizza and breadsticks

Mikie Hara with a side order of Chiaki Sano (links NSFW, of course; would I let you down?). Now that’s amore.

Mikie cheap date

Pity it looks like they fed her Domino’s. At least Chiaki has homemade.


The Modern Catgirl

Asuka Kishi is a very popular model in Japan, which means she spends a lot of time wearing swimsuits and lingerie in front of cameras. This is a good thing.

(NSFW below the fold; honestly, she’d be BSFW fully clothed)


Is naked Satan cute?

Dear Hello!Project fans,

Apparently the folks who scanned Koharu Kusumi’s recent exposure in Cancam forgot to include the front and back pages of the insert. It’s obviously her, even before spotting the little beauty marks on her chin, so I wonder why they weren’t scanned. Then again, perhaps I don’t want to know…

I happened to be making a big order with Amazon Japan (~$500 in books and Bluray discs), so since that issue was still in stock, I threw it in. Lots of pretty girls pitching beauty products, as expected, so I’m not planning a subscription. By the way, the shipping for this order was a whole lot cheaper than expected, only $65; Amazon has apparently made some new international deals.


Mitsumi Hiromura

This is aligned with my interests.

(more here)

[Update 2015: Tumblr actually deleted a picture of a pretty girl. Fortunately, I was able to remember which picture it was, and found a fresh, slightly-smaller copy.]

Got whipped cream?

[Update: For those wishing to google, that’s Shizuka Nakamura 中村静香, Mai Nishida 西田麻衣, Manami Marutaka 丸高愛実, Chika Toono 遠野千夏, and Konona Shiba 柴小聖.]

A perfect pinup

The photographer and stylists responsible for this picture of Shizuka Nakamura (中村静香) deserve as much recognition as the model, but unfortunately, I don’t know which shoot it comes from. The artistic and technical quality remind me of Playboy at its (long-vanished) best.

Not nude, but still under the fold, just in case there are workplaces where pretty girls in bikinis are a bad thing.


Aligned with my interests…

Ahem. Idol All-star Swimsuit Tournament, 2009.

Nikkan Sports has quite a few photo galleries that may be of interest. Some of them may even feature sports. They “protect” the pictures with the usual stupid disable-right-click Javascript, which will keep them from being downloaded for a fraction of a second.

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 got a clue, leave a clue”