Seal of Approval

Zettai Ryouiki

(or, “fun with obscure fonts that are hard to buy outside of Japan”)


Found originally as an animated GIF; fortunately, Google image search let me track back to the Youtube link.


I have absolutely no idea what this spammer is trying to say in the italicized sentence.

Hello! What is your name? At supervision of your structure I very much have become interested in you. My name is Anna. If you want with me to communicate then write to me. If you write to me do not forget to specify yours e-mail of the address that I could answer to you. I hope you write to [email deleted]


I really should make a version of this site that generates my naughty novel cover art.

Pulp-O-Mizer output

Dear Internet,

When, and more importantly why, did Russian spammers decide that “cune” was an English word relevant to the performance of sexual acts? Recently my spam folder has been filling up with messages of the form “Russian slang-for-woman want/are ready/wanna to sexual-act for/with you”, and one of the randomized values for sexual-act is “cune”.

It could be a simple typo, but I prefer to think that highly-educated Russian women are offering to write on clay tablets in Sumerian. Talking dirty, as it were.

The Cloud fights back...

Ah, Amazon recommendation system, how I’ve missed you.

Because you like clouds...


So after many delays, we finished moving the company to the new building. We had a few small issues to work out Monday morning, and I spent the evening on the phone with someone in China who needed to bring up a new VPN connection, but All Is Well.

My reward, apart from an Amazon gift card, new business cards, a coffee mug full of candy, and a Blu-ray box set, was that on Tuesday night, our Shinkendo dojo did tameshigiri for the first time.

Nothing like cutting up targets with a katana to take your mind off of work!

In Beards We Trust

The Trustworthiness of Beards. The creator’s site is toast right now, but it’s by Matt McInerney.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”