If it’s already stuck in your head…

…I might as well add visuals (“Hi, Scott!”). Everything’s better with Liz Phair.

(and yes, this version’s been in my driving and exercise mixes since the album first came out, alongside the classic Replacements cover of Cruella de Vil)

Dear Japan,

I have a few questions…


Running through my head this morning…

…for some reason.

I had forgotten a lot of the stuff in this video; pretty much all that remained after 30 years was the dancing girls in Flintstones costumes.

Go, Fish!

Last year, the little-known idol group Tsuri Bit got a lot of attention at a live appearance where 14-year-old member Sakura Ando demonstrated that she was not only lovely and lively, but also stacked.

They were surprisingly subtle with this year’s summer-bikini song (pretty much every idol group does one of these now…). Rather than giving her jumping jacks and other obvious titty-action moves (like Erika Yazawa in pretty much every Idoling!! video), they simply put the rest of the group in bikini tops that masked their relative development.

Happy 17th of Moa

Or “4th of July” if you live in a region still more-or-less covered by the Bill of Rights.

Moametal, 2016


Before there was Buffy

…a young Alexis Denisof appeared in the first version of the video for a terrible earbug of a song recorded by George Harrison. I didn’t make the connection until today, because the only reason I remembered it was the tasty bit of jailbait Our Hero was angling for. And to be honest, when I watched it again after so many years, I gave little thought to the identity of the boy.

Alexis Denisof, girl-chaser

Sadly, no one seems to know who the girl was.

Will put out for dolls

Punishment for the sins of my youth

I have no idea why Debbie Gibson’s “We could be together” has been going through my head for two days. But if I have to suffer, the world has to suffer.

Seriously, I don’t know what set it off. Maybe the disease in that last game of Plague, Inc. was a little more viral than I thought…

Dear Orange Caramel,

I’m very disappointed that you aren’t wearing actual Lum costumes in this video.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”