Someday's Dreamers anime re-licensed for US re-release

Digital first, apparently, with DVDs to follow. A very pleasant series, but the decision seems to have a lot of folks scratching their heads.

Stratos 4 Advance

One of the things I discovered on my recent trip was that there were ten OVA episodes for Stratos 4, continuing the story. They were subbed by SS-Eclipse, whose torrent is still seeded, but since I discovered this by finding the DVD box set at a decent price, I only needed the softsubs, which were also floating around out there.

In case you were wondering...

…at the present time, One Piece is inescapable in Japan. I was honestly surprised not to run into crossover merchandise of Luffy with Hello Kitty. I’m sure I just missed it in the blur.

One Piece, Two-ply

This was the toilet paper display outside the grocery store near our hotel (Best. Tie-in. Ever). When you get into actual nerdy parts of Kyoto and Osaka, 90% of the merchandise is tied to One Piece, and even otherwise unrelated stores in DenDen Town have a rack or two of the stuff mixed in with the refilled printer cartridges, hand tools, used suits, spy cameras, robot parts, and porn.

But what does one do...

…with two Hoihoi-san figures…


Live-action Ranma 1/2 cast photos

Still “no thanks”, except maybe for pictures of the actress playing Kasumi.

Pics and short video clip.

What's J Watching?

Shrinkwrap spacesuits and cockpit-service.

Ranma 1/2 live-action TV movie

Coming in December, 2011.

The Inverse Guilt Buy

So, if buying the DVDs of a show you’ve already downloaded is a Guilt Buy, what do you call downloading something you already own on Blu-ray, because they left out features included in the region 2 release?

Rage Torrent, perhaps? :-)

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”