I summon the Sylpheed!

General-purpose android for lab work. They named it Mahoro. No word on the lifespan.

Must. Buy. Tiny Marika.

Captain Marika Nendoroid in October.

Marika Nendoroid

(via the never-safe-for-work Sankaku Complex)

Miniskirt Space Pirate...

some assembly required.

You can also get a Chiaki-chan, a Lamp House waitress, and a Hakuou schoolgirl. And, coming soon, this.

(somewhat unexpectedly, Nyaruko has more merchandise)

Hoihoi-san anime? Looks like it!

Everyone’s talking about it, but the details only seem to be available in a clip that requires a premium membership to Nicovideo.

Lots of links to footage from the PS2 game and the earlier short animation, but it doesn’t look like there’s a trailer or site open yet.

I must say, given the increase in the amount of Hoihoi-san merchandise recently, I’m not surprised.

Postcards from Chizumatic...

I needed new wallpaper for my gaming machine. Dusting off my collage script produced this, which I think will work nicely.

A Certain Graphical Logo Generator

Someone liked the style of the Index and Railgun logos so much, they made a generator page.

To Aru Yukkuri No Shishiruirui

This turned up in an image search for 死屍累々 (“heaps of corpses all around”; sadly, not everything that search returns is so whimsical), which is a tag on Pixiv that also turned up this bit of Railgun fan-art.

A story that knows where it's going

The latest episode of Bodacious Space Pirates wasn’t up yet when I started my morning workout, so instead I sweated to the first two episodes of Angelic Layer. It’s a fun series that I haven’t seen in quite a while, but this time, I noticed something.

Spoiler alert: it’s an old series, but if you haven’t seen it (and you should), stop reading now.


Pirates, ho!

For anyone who might be interested in a top-level view of how Sato is adapting the Miniskirt Space Pirates novels for anime, here are the chapter titles of the first two books, along with the volume titles of all seven.

Mild spoiler potential, of course. If they keep the current pace, I’d expect book 2 to take the series up to around episode 9.


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”