Isekai Overload...

Magical Terrapin Andii says:

“There is a manga series about a guy who started out as a slime in a fantasy world, died, and got reincarnated as a Japanese office worker.

“Still haven’t found ‘That time my smartphone got reincarnated as a spider farm’ but it’s probably in there.”

Having some “experience” in the field, may I offer a few suggestions that may aid your search?

That last one’s for Pete (who I’m sure has already read it…), and the full title is: “異世界で最強の杖に転生した俺が嫌がる少女をムリヤリ魔法 少女にPする!”, in which Our Hero, a magical-girl otaku, gets hit by a truck while saving a little girl, summoned to another world by a busty, scantily-clad sorceress, and reincarnated as the strongest magic wand. Annoyed that a world full of magic doesn’t have magical girls, he becomes the Producer for a busty, scantily-clad young beauty, and works to overcome her reluctance, shyness, and crippling lack of self-esteem to groom her into becoming his new world’s first true (busty, scantily-clad) magical girl.

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