Cop Craft 7, 8, 9

I was AFK for a week, then busy at work for a week, so it’s catchup time!

Episode 7 starts off quick, with Tirana already undercover as fresh meat in an expensive brothel. I’d have liked to see the awkward fun of getting her into that situation in the first place, but the real point of the story is getting her to make friends with another of the girls, the cute short-haired elf from the OP.

From her appearance with a camera, I’d assumed she was Spunky Gal Reporter. Sadly, Friendly Whore Selling Secrets is not a trope that comes with a long lifespan. Pity; I was hoping for a little grown-up cheesecake to balance out Tirana’s lock on the lolicon market.

It ends with her determined to avenge her murdered friend, so naturally the next episode and a half are spent on Wacky Hijinks and (literally) mindless fan-service after a rogue magic item body-swaps her with the cat.

Episode 9 (after finishing off the cat/girl tale) starts off with Kei being an annoying prick to his co-workers, so, y’know, same-old-same-old, but poolside, with Tirana sporting new and more confusing headgear to go with her school swimsuit. The plot thickens, slowly, until we’re pretty sure that Villain #1 and Villain #2 are both involved. Or is it Villain #2A? Next episode.

And, yes, the headgear and the swimsuit mean precisely what you think: they’re up to book 6. You might ask what happened to all the story material in the middle. Well, better learn to read Japanese and go buy the light novels; last time I checked, all 6 were in the top 20 on Amazon Japan.

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