May 2012

The Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Diet

Doctor’s orders. The science is settled. I need more cholesterol.

So, basically, I get to google for “high cholesterol”, avoid all the foods they recommend, and eat all the foods they say to avoid. I love modern medicine.

Extremism in defense of Occupy is...



Security advisory from Adobe about all versions of Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash/Acrobat except the just-released CS6. The fix? Buy CS6. The workaround:

"For users who cannot upgrade to Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe recommends users follow security best practices and exercise caution when opening files from unknown or untrusted sources."

Dissonance, cognitive

Generally, I do not expect to learn about upcoming features in a video game from Forbes.

Master of the Marital Arts

I believe I’ve finally found a case where the above weak English pun on “martial arts” actually works in Japanese. Staff fighting in Japan and Okinawa is known as boujutsu, written 棒術 (pole + technique). Identical pronunciation with different kanji, however, yields 房術 (room + technique), meaning “the art of lovemaking”.

This appears to be a deliberate pun, with the more usual words for lovemaking being bouchuujutsu 房中術 (“within a room” + technique) or keiboujutsu 閨房術 (bedroom + technique). A bit of casual wiki-surfing suggests that the pun comes from the popular Naughty Ninja Girl genre of novels and movies (much the way that the words ninja and kunoichi are basically post-WWII creations, along with the scary-black-pajamas look).

Miniskirt Space Pirate...

some assembly required.

You can also get a Chiaki-chan, a Lamp House waitress, and a Hakuou schoolgirl. And, coming soon, this.

(somewhat unexpectedly, Nyaruko has more merchandise)

"Linguistic faux pas"?

Nice cover work there:

Obama on Tuesday labeled the Nazi facility used to process Jews for extermination as a "Polish death camp." The White House later said the president "misspoke" and expressed "regret".

The linguistic faux pas overshadowed Obama's posthumous award of the highest US civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, to Jan Karski, a former Polish underground officer who provided early eyewitness accounts of Nazi Germany's genocide of European Jews.

Seriously, when can we just admit that his speechwriters are a pack of ignorant fools and Obama just reads whatever the teleprompter says, regardless of its content? He’s capable of delivering a well-rehearsed speech, but since the election he doesn’t take the time to rehearse, even for significant events.

A perfect pinup

The photographer and stylists responsible for this picture of Shizuka Nakamura (中村静香) deserve as much recognition as the model, but unfortunately, I don’t know which shoot it comes from. The artistic and technical quality remind me of Playboy at its (long-vanished) best.

Not nude, but still under the fold, just in case there are workplaces where pretty girls in bikinis are a bad thing.


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”