Mook & Wolf

Sour Rangers, episodes 1 & 2

It’s been so long since I used it that I almost forgot I had a Hulu account. Browsing through their offerings, I’ll probably forget again soon or finally cancel it, but in the meantime I checked out the first two episodes of this show. It’s not nearly as shouty as the first trailer, which is good, but Our Rebellious Mook’s co-workers are pushing it. I suppose being pathetic and panicky is supposed to make us sympathetic to their plight, which didn’t really work for me. On the good side, Our Dead-Eyed Hot Chick is clearly going to be a major player in the story, which hopefully will get her into a more revealing outfit at some point.

Verdict: might watch the next one, but clearly the single most important thing to pay attention to is the close-up shots of each character’s eyes, which may require more attention than I typically give to borderline shows.

(I chose this pic for her big… eyes)

Level 2 Cheat Boy, episode 2

It’s really hard to build tension around a cliffhanger ending when the promos have already told you the giant demon wolf is the love interest for Our Cheating Hero. It’s even harder when the OP is nothing but Our Demon-Wolf-Waifu dancing like a third-tier idol while singing a love song. Subtle, this is not. At least he recovers his magic bag, although he’s still broke (not mentioned on-screen for some reason, the promised money wasn’t in the bag to begin with; this will come up later I misremembered; he had the money, but even when informed that a single gold coin was worth six months stay in an inn, he felt the need to make money as an adventurer).

It’s kind of a sad commentary on isekai anime that it’s noteworthy that Our Hero absolutely refuses to enslave her once she’s captured, despite the repeated encouragement of Our Voice Assistant. Of course, she still goes full Red Sonja and gleefully binds herself to him, forcefully graduating from servant to wife at the first opportunity.

Mechanically speaking, I have questions about the structure of her dress. You’d think that her massive breasts would require the shoulder straps to provide support, but they’re completely decorative, and the ribbons connecting the dress to her neck do all the heavy lifting. Magic is definitely involved.

Verdict: lock your brain in a jar before watching.

(a bit flat compared to Our Demon-Wolf-Waifu, but good enough for bridal purposes)

I Am Curious, Holo, episode 3

Speaking of giant wolves who turn into hot chicks, probably two-thirds of my NSFW Pixiv recommendations right now are either “nekkid Holo” or “sex with Holo”; the “all ages” filter is mostly Frieren/Fern, Utena and friends, Maomao, Pon-pon girls, and Milim, with less than 5% Holo.

Oh, the episode? Untangling the currency speculation scam, with a side order of mild jealousy as Our Trader sees other men hitting on Our Wise Wolf-Waifu. Who stays surprisingly clothed this week.

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