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Way to QA, Apple

The just-released MacOS, iOS, and iPadOS updates are entirely based on Apple managing to break basic text handling across all their platforms. I hadn’t noticed it on my Mac because I do most of my typing in, but when I was trying to post a comment to my own blog in Safari, entire paragraphs of text would spontaneously vanish whenever I tried to edit a sentence.

Official description of the only fix in the release:

Text may unexpectedly duplicate or overlap while typing

I’d ask how they missed this, but that presupposes that they test text entry at all.

Frieren, episode 22

This week, the downtime between exams brings Stark back into the story, but Our Pouty Reunion is repeatedly interrupted by having the other mages thrown into the scenes in various combinations. Getting many of them into the same restaurant was too contrived, but the actual Frieren & Friends Now And Then parts were great.

Verdict: how many times now has Fern’s emotional time-bomb gone off? Gal really needs to get laid soon, or at least vigorously kissed. As for the mages, with the exception of Little Miss Fanservice, eight deadly words. And if you’re concerned about Frieren’s eating habits, I’m sure she’s got a spell for that.

Pon The Road Again, episode 6

In the obligatory opening dream sequence, Our Goth Girl scores some mighty masterful mahjong against Girls 1-3 at a low table in a traditional inn while wearing yukata. This is the most animation the show has shown outside of the credits, and not all of it was CGI. Then she suddenly sits up in her bunk bed wearing a tank top made of bounce-prevention fabric.

Cut to a train-station meeting in new clothing (bare midriff for Gothy), where phase one of “training camp” is “visit tourist spots that we never go to in our own neighborhood”, an excuse to pan over more of the reference photos they’ve been tracing. One of which is a bathhouse, so, y’know, finally.

Except that even the bath scene is a panned still covered with steam.

When they finally reach their ryokan after hiking through more panned stills, they jump into the bath, but they’re too tired to pan the steamed-up still. Despite their (and our) exhaustion, Gothy demands that they finally play the damn game, and so they break out the tiles.

Unlike the triumphant dream sequence, the next N minutes are spent with the THIS IS COMEDY music highlighting their increasingly erratic play as they fight off sleep. In the end, Our Poor Little Riiche Girl goes off to bathe alone, and we don’t even get a still of that.

Verdict: cute-girls-doing-cute-things in the great outdoors, plus at least the idea of bath scenes, but most importantly, no man-face “jokes”. Next week: finally, bikinis. (yeah, this is my shocked face)

(last week it was revealed that Girls 1-4 are 16, while Gothy is 17 (and visiting from Hiroshima, not homeless); they sure do breed ’em healthy in this region)

Kana Nakada, former idol singer and current mahjong pro, mostly just lends her name to this show, since her voice is unrecognizable in the OP song.

Here she demonstrates her qualifications to play with the pon-pon girls.

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