Molesting Magical Girls, episode 6

In which Our Dolly Loli makes a new friend, and then lures Our Ditzy Heroine into baby play, exploiting her character flaws to keep things flowing even after she breaks the mind control. Meanwhile, we get an origin story for Our Distinctly Unfeminine Heroine.

Unrelated, we’re halfway through, and the show airs on Wednesdays, so could this be described as the “double humpday” episode?

Verdict: Instead of the standard “monster of the week”, we’ve got “fetish of the week”, which somehow works with the character development.

(not exactly a mother/daughter pic, but I’m delighted that I don’t have any relevant fan-art for bottle-feeding and diapers)

Fetish Alert!

Four-eyed catgirls must also be four-eared. Duh.

Except for this one:

Related, Leafa-chan could use a good pair… of glasses:

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