Starting the season

Is It Okay To Eat Expository Lumps In A Dungeon?, episode 1

(officially, Delicious In Dungeon)

Y’know, for such a simple setup, it requires an awful lot of exposition up front. And the food-porn exposition inevitably leads to a shouty freakout by Our Not-Eaten Mage Girl.

Verdict: if it stays this talky, I’m out. Even the tentacles looked bored.

(dungeon take-home bag is unrelated)

Taking in the trash so you don’t have to!

Okay, I was a touch bored, so…

Molesting Magical Girls

(officially, Gushing Over Magical Girls)

Meet our cups cast: A, B, C, D, E, and F. Our Reluctantly Villainous Heroine is C, whose firmness is immediately displayed in her fully nude transformation scene. We only see Her Villainous Partners in the credits this episode, but they appear to be A and F. Our Briefly-Pure Magical Girls are B, D, and E, whose first encounter with the new villain on the block gets them thoroughly fondled by a summoned tentacle-gimp plant monster and then whipped so hard by C-sama that their asses are still beet-red the next day at school. Because of course they’re all in the same class, and we’re treated to expository lingerie close-ups as the girls change out of their gym clothes, plus a triple-titty transformation scene when they get the call to action. That covers about the first half of the episode.

It seems that Our Dark Mascot was correct when he intuited that Our Heroine’s obsession with the local MG team wasn’t admiration for their successes, but subconscious sadistic enjoyment of their suffering. Which she is now in a position to consciously inflict, and which makes her feel all tingly down there.

By the way, her name’s Utena (no relation); she doesn’t seem to have a villain name yet. HiDive is apparently airing the less-censored version, which includes perky nipples and closeup crotch-shots but silences some “sound effects”; those (and more detailed imagery) will be on the Bluray.

(unlucky magical girl is unrelated)

Combat Harem Dog

(officially, Chained Soldier)

In which peaches produce melons, according to the end credits. Anyway, Our Future Househusband is a loser who can’t get a girl despite being well-trained in the wifely arts, until the day he wanders into an expository lump and meets the F-cups of his dreams, which are attached to a sword-swinging supergal whose power is enslaving cannon fodder. She’d never tried it on a human before, so she’s surprised when he turns into super-dog and tears through slightly-animated target dummies. This also impresses her subordinates, who consist of two DD-cups and a loli.

TL/DR: they hire him as housekeeper and combat slave, and Wacky Hijinks are sure to ensue. Despite the huge boobs and the full-body french kissing, this was pretty tedious due to the exposition, power-kanji displays, and origin flashbacks, especially compared to how far C-sama got with her victims in the previous show.

(reasonable approximation of Our Dominating Heroine)

Just Die Already

(officially, My Instant Death Ability is So Overpowered, No One in This Other World Stands a Chance Against Me!)

In which Our Casually Evil Power Broker blows up the grownups, and Our Redheaded Twintail Leftover’s huge boobs act as life preservers. That pretty much covers it; the rest is mostly CGI, tedious exposition, and flashbacks.

(unrelated Christmas present is about the right size)


Link pushed the wrong button.

(receptionist is Best Girl in Immoral Guild; can’t imagine what made me think of this show…)

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