Episodes 4

Tearmoon, episode 4

Just so we’re clear, this will not be the last time a horse sneezes all over Our Occasionally-Elegant Princess.

Anyway, if you were wondering how seriously the production team is taking this show, the ballroom dance scene should answer that rather definitively. Of course, Mia’s self-centered plotting backfires in the usual way, this time aided and abetted by Our Heroine-Worshipping Twintailed Redheaded Freckled Maid and A Retainer Who’ll Be Turning Up Rather A Lot. On that note, remember when Anne was a total klutz? It seems her coordination problems were cured by Mia-Worship.

Which reminds me, I should dig up the video where a member of Korean girl-group Girls Generation was booked to tango for a celebrity dancing show; her stable-bred life had clearly not prepared her for so much close contact with a man, and every time he touched her during practice, she teleported across the room. 12-year-old Mia might want to recoil from the touch of Our Perfect Prince, but she doesn’t let it get in the way of her dancing.

Verdict: if only horse sneezes could cure her of shouty internal monologing…

(Best Girl Anne is Best Girl)

Potion Loli, episode 4

This week’s highlight: not changing the entire supporting cast again, and even bringing back some characters from the credits. Downside? My willing suspension of disbelief is foundering on the rocks of Our Potion Loli’s continued ability to confound nobles, royals, and priests with Office Lady Logic.

Verdict: her cheat power is not potions, it’s Axel Foley’s fast talk ability, goddess-enhanced. And it’s wearing thin on me.

(I’d have an easier time putting up with Kaoru if she looked and dressed like Thighza…)

Rerun’s Special Magic, episode 4

In which I am taunted by their decision to insert Our Cute Little Redhead Senpai into this episode as part of a panned still. Meanwhile, Our Tsuntsuntsunderedere Twintail manages to wrap herself around Our Manipulative Hero without even a moment of gainaxing. Rats. In other news, Our Gay Bunnyboy Shota should not be allowed to shop without adult supervision.

Verdict: I keep finding myself distracted by the odd way they color the hair of the Core Trio, especially the way it doesn’t move with their heads. That I’m noticing this at all is a pretty good clue that the story isn’t holding my attention.

(unrelated distractions that I’d prefer…)

The Apothecary Diaries, episode 4

The OP and ED songs do not belong to this show. Other than that, I’m enjoying this. This week, Our Unflappable Heroine’s reputation forces her to Heal or Die, but it takes the intervention of Our Pretty-Boy Harem Manager to get her to the patient’s bedside. Whereupon she quickly discovers that someone has been undermining the foundation of her previous work. With foundation.

Verdict: watching Maomao get literally bounced out of the room by haughty ladies-in-waiting adorably lightened the mood of an otherwise serious situation. Bonus points for blowing her top and putting them all in their place. Double bonus for growing up in whorehouses and learning things that will blow the mind of a veteran concubine.

(Vermeil: “hey, I wonder what Maomao whispered in her ear?”)

Unrelated, Yui 유이

I’m generally disappointed with Korean glamour models; so much potential, sadly wasted. So when I find one who’s actively participating in the shoot, showing multiple realistic facial expressions, and revealing that her skin is free of plastic, steel, and ink, I take note (site is NSFW and full of nasty Javascript!).

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