More bunnies, please!

Dungeon Drops, episode 9

The most important part of this episode was The Secret History Of Our Carrot-Addicted Comic-Relief Bunny, especially the part where it’s revealed that bowtie-bunny outfits are standard gear for the Hot Bunnygirl race, even the chibis. In other news, Our Eye-Catching Firestarter nearly starts a riot just by walking through town, and does incite a panic when Our Busty Receptionist With A Crush finds out she’s moving in with Our Quick-Shooting Hero. Also, Our Mighty Perfect Wife becomes the poster girl for Ridiculously Oversized Hammers, Inc.

Did I miss anything? Say, who was that little boy…

Verdict: expanding Eve’s backstory was a good choice.

(unrelated bunnygirl would fit right into chibi-Eve’s first party)

Re: Cutie Honey

Bluray now available. For those who missed this, back in 2004 they made a live-action Cutie Honey movie that was notable primarily for its opening credits animation, produced by Gainax (starts 1 minute in).

Which was promptly expanded into a three-episode OAV that was far better than the movie, and which featured Yui Horie as Honey.

(the live-action series was notable only for giving tasty model Mikie Hara her debut acting role)

Never let your domains expire!

Especially when you print them on the side of a product intended for children.

Guilty pleasures: pizza logs

Long ago when the world was young, Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck not only sold cheap hot wings to students at Ohio State, they also sold deep-fried pizza rolls that were simply awesome. You can find a number of recipes online that attempt to recreate that treat, but I never found anything sold commercially that worked. Until I stumbled on Pizza Logs at Meijer last week; they’re basically egg-roll wrappers stuffed with pizza fillings, so they’re longer and narrower than the old BW3 variety, but they’re darn tasty.

They apparently also come in taco, hot-wing, and apple-pie variations, which are probably equally addictive.

(in my nine years at OSU, I had many wings and pizza rolls, but never have I ever eaten weck; I don’t think anyone ate the stuff)

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