More bullets, more bullets!

Dungeon Drops, episode 8

Just because Our Fiery Beauty makes a living incinerating garbage doesn’t mean she enjoys being treated as garbage, leaving her wide open to Our Pistol-Packing Hero’s S-rank acts of kindness. A few warm fuzzies were all she needed to give her all in the dungeon, helping to save the day.

Meanwhile, Our Perfect Wife has outdone herself at god-tier cooking, managing to bake a celebratory layer cake over a campfire and somehow conjure up ice cream to go with it.

Verdict: looking forward to the first meeting between Miss Infatuated Inferno and Miss Innuendo Bunny.

(I’m not even looking for relevant fan-art any more…)

Re: Goblin Slayer

I didn’t watch this when it was new, and by the time I thought about checking it out, Funimation only had the dub. Surprisingly, post-consolidation, Crunchyroll has the sub and dub. Not really my cup of tea, and I don’t think I’ll watch the whole first season and the movie, which means I won’t be watching the upcoming second season.

Honestly, halfway through the second episode I stopped to check the wiki, to make sure that Cow Girl didn’t suffer the usual fate of females in this show (which is featured prominently in most fan-art).

(white-haired dark-skinned robo-swordsgal is unrelated)

So, this is a thing that exists…

Rise of the Outlaw Tamer and his Wild S-Rank Cat Girl manga. Remember the Beast Tamer anime, in which Our Taming Hero met a super-powerful catgirl who invited him to tame her, and then went around collecting a platonic harem of other super-girls with his vast array of OP taming powers? This ain’t that.

Instead, Our Taming Loser meets a half-naked super-catgirl in the woods who thinks his power is something special, so she wines, dines, and sixty-nines him until he agrees to tame her, and then they spend the night fucking. His taming prowess delivers on its promise to make her even more powerful, so she takes him out to tame a dragon and a spirit wolf, teaches him to borrow the wolf’s power so he can be an OP fighter like her, fucks him some more, then promises to help him tame the next haremette, an angelic healer with even bigger boobs.

(not even going to look for fan-art of this one, but to change things up a bit, I’m going with Princess Piña Co Lada instead of Rory Mercury!)

Pittsburgh: 75, Renter: 1

So, cops in Pittsburgh went to serve an eviction notice, as one does. The disgruntled evictee shot at them, as one does? Then a total of 75 cops surrounded the place and spent the next 6.5 hours in a shootout with him, as one does (seriously?).

Money quote from the county sheriff:

“all of us were strapped, you know, with ammunition, and we were calling for additional ammunition”

The evictee was killed, and all the cops (none of whom were shot) have been placed on administrative leave. There are plenty of questions about this event, but mine is simple:

where did all the bullets go that didn’t hit the evictee?

(I’m thinking the landlord kind of wishes he’d handled things differently, now that his property looks like swiss cheese)

Update: I linked another story in the comments, but it turns out that the initial description was wrong. He wasn't being evicted, because he wasn't renting; he was basically squatting in his dead brother's house, which had been sold off as part of his estate. Worse, it was a duplex, so there was a shared wall with the neighbor, making the spray-and-pray spree even more irresponsible on the part of the cops.

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