Carbon Capture, Dungeon Style

Boxxo Can’t Communicate, episode 8

In which Our Vending Hero combines several previously-seen forms to help the team beat a powerful foe, without killing them himself due to his communication difficulties. Bonus points for coming up with a way to send Our Mighty Heroine over the edge so she’d send him over the edge.

Verdict: missed opportunity to use Hulemy’s intelligence to explain his plan and why jumping down into the pit was a really bad idea.

Another possible for next season: Tearmoon Empire

The premise is simple: Princess Let-Them-Eat-Cake loses her head in a revolution, only to wake up in her past with a chance to fix things. Not for the sake of the people or the empire, but just because she really didn’t enjoy getting her head chopped off. No isekai transfer, overpowered magic, or monsters, just a bunch of human kingdoms in conflict, with a spoiled little rich girl at the center whose future knowledge might be enough to save her.

Reasons it might not suck? First, 10+ light novels worth of source material. Second, character designer and chief animation director of Demon Girl Next Door. Third, the lead voice actress played Aletta in Restaurant To Another World (same chief animation director for that one as well). Fourth, series composition by the gal who did Komi (and who also wrote more than half of the scripts).

(file under peculiar the fact that there are no blurays for Komi; even in Japan, the first season was a limited-edition crowd-funded release)


I’ve been using Anime Schedule to keep track of what’s on and what’s coming up, but it seems they have a few blind spots, since they haven’t noticed yet that Uma Musume 3 is on the fall schedule. I didn’t watch the first two seasons, but I’ve enjoyed the pony-girl fan-art.

The Return of Rory Mercury…

The English translation of the Gate manga is suddenly being released for Kindle, years after it stalled out. The first three volumes were released on July 28 (1, 2, 3). No sign of the light novels (licensed by the same publisher), and the manga character designs aren’t nearly as fetching for the girls, but the story apparently goes well past the anime series.

(there’s always been some peculiar rejection of this series among reviewers, who seem to think it’s jingoistic, much like many of them thought the 2005 WWII film Yamato was hard-right imperialist propaganda; clearly they never actually sat down and watched)

Speaking of sudden releases…

More on Knight’s [sic] & Magic: apparently this mispunctuated series was actually a single-cour anime in 2017 that I never heard a single word about. The apostrophe comes from the official romanization of the light novels (or is it “light novel’s”? 😁), which were released from 2013-2017. No idea why it’s suddenly being released in 2023.

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