Dungeon Drops, episode 7

Y’know, usually when you knock out a beautiful woman and drag her back to your tent, it’s a bad thing. But not when you’re Our S-Drop Hero and you’re sympathizing with another workaholic who’s about to pass out on her feet. And you’ve got Our Perfect Wife standing right there, who pretty much lives to take care of the work-to-death type.

With that introduction out of the way and a steady supply of homing bullets secured, Ryota’s off to help his new hometown secure the rights to a new dungeon, and teach some losers a lesson. Gently, because he sympathizes with them, too.

Our Tired-But-Fiery Beauty is getting sucked into the warmth of Emily’s S-rank homemaking powers, which is no surprise, given that the OP&ED show her moving in with the gang. Probably next episode, after they finish off the new dungeon.

(the limited supply of fan-art is currently running 19% Perfect Wife Emily porn, 19% Bunnygirl Eve porn, and 55% Gold Star For Attendance, so, yeah, more Rory Mercury)

Post-Apostrolyptic Storytelling

Amazon keeps promoting an upcoming isekai light novel series to me, and even if I were interested in the premise (boy meets magic mecha), I wouldn’t buy it because I once attended an English class.

Not a typo: Knight’s & Magic


Most 3D-printed bookends are designed by people who have a lot of shelf space and not much in the way of books. I just started loading my cookbooks onto a shiny new Ikea JÄTTESTA bookcase (because it was the only thing I could get right away that fit the space well and wasn’t oppressively dark), and I’m in the middle of designing thin-but-sturdy bookends that snap onto the uprights. I don’t need a wide, decorative bookend to hold up a partially-filled shelf; I need something that takes up minimal space at each end so I can pack the damn thing with books.

(I donated about 15 full-height bookcases to Goodwill when I left California, because they would have taken up way too much truck space)

“The Cloud is Mother, The Cloud is Father”

“Consider me an orphan.”

Bambu Lab’s blog has a post-mortem on the reprint fiasco, along with the fixes they plan to implement. The simplest and least useful is a “hey, remember to clean your plate before starting a new print” dialog box on all apps, which would not have helped in this situation. For LIDAR-equipped models like mine, they’re also going to implement a scan of the print bed before starting a print, which is good hygiene.

Most usefully, they’ve started checking timestamps server-side and discarding old print requests instead of blindly sending them. This will be supplemented by firmware checks on the printers, which will take longer to release.

And they’re committed to further improving the cloud-free experience. 😁

(things you can find when you scan the bed…)

Dear Sig Sauer,

It’s great that you’re planning a big women-and-guns event (for women, that is) in the Midwest, but as a firearms manufacturer, you really ought to reconsider starting your pitch with the words:

Did you know Chicago is rated one of the top 5 cities in the world to visit?

Seriously, before you invite a bunch of women to spend three days on the Magnificent Mile, you really ought to google some recent crime news. Don’t forget that anyone who travels from out of state to this event must be completely unarmed at all times except while on a state-approved range.

Also, $3,000 for a three-day event? Pretty fuckin’ posh.

(booth bunnies: the more usual style of women-and-guns event)

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