“Am I living in a box?”

A Girl And Her Boxxo, episode 7

In which Our Vending Hero falls for a bunch of CareBears and makes Our Overly Attached Heroine cry. Sort of.

Verdict: moving right along.

S-Rank Daddy’s Girl, light novels

I checked out the previews of the light novels for this one, and what I found intrigued me enough that I ended up reading the 9 that are currently translated (out of a total of 11).

TL/DR: if they don’t screw it up, they have two cours worth of really good story to work with.

(no decent fan-art for this series, so I guess I’ll have to go with more Rory Mercury 😁)

Unreliable Queueing in The Cloud

A while back I mentioned some obvious issues with Bambu Lab originally designing their 3D printers around a constant cloud connection. Here’s a non-obvious one that’s annoying and potentially quite destructive: cloud service outage triggers reprints.

Several times, they’ve restarted their cloud services in one or more regions, and each time, the result has been that jobs that weren’t marked as successfully sent to printers got sent again. This is never a good idea, as demonstrated by this guy’s printer that still had the output of that (successful!) job on it, so the print head plowed through the hardened plastic and tore itself to pieces.

This should never have happened in the first place, but the fact that it’s still happening is an excellent reason to switch your printer to local mode if you haven’t already. The company blog post on the issue is reasonable, but doesn’t acknowledge that this isn’t the first time, just the biggest so far.

(my old Dremel 3D45, designed for school use, had a door sensor, and not only would it stop printing if you opened the door, it wouldn’t let you send another print job unless the door had been opened at least once after it finished the first job)

“I’m delighted you don’t know this one…”

I had dinner with my parents Sunday, and as we often do, we played games after. We ended up playing Monikers, where a lot of the cards are so up-to-date that none of us have heard of them (youtube celebs/memes, music by people a third my age, etc).

The structure of the game is for one player to give clues to the person/thing/concept on a card for the others to guess (usually in teams), going through the cards three times. First round, you can use any number of verbal/physical clues; second, one word only; and third, charades.

We’d played it once before and gotten some real oddballs, but this time, one of the questions I drew to read had the answer “Goatse”. Fortunately, we’d agreed in advance to skip the charades round…

(unrelated, when Mom sent us upstairs to find a game, I stumbled across a near-mint copy of the first edition of Roborally, which I didn’t know they had)

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