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A Girl And Her Boxxo, episode 6

Romance! Adventure! Field toilets! Ice! Dry ice! Fried chicken! Laundry soap! Propane! Ignition! Reward! Cliffhanger!

Verdict: Our Vending Hero used up a lot of vending-machine variants this week, stringing them together to achieve short-term goals. I think it was scenes like this that led the author to run out of story ideas for the novels, but in the context of a single-cour series, it won’t hurt.

(yes, it’s actual fan-art for this show!)

WTF is an “apothecarist”?

Amazon recommended a new manga series that I will not buy for a number of reasons, but the most important is that the title is “An E-Rank Apothecarist”. Apparently the English version is being published directly by a Japanese company, with in-house translation. The word used in the original title is an archaic term for doctor, 薬師, so apothecary would make sense, but instead they made up a new word.

(if Ryza went into the medicine business, she would of course be an apothighcary)

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