Opening Princess's Box

Dungeon Drops, episode 5

In which everything happens all at once, with Our Heroic Hero starting on another stat boost, gaining an easier bullet-farming method from the idol princess and her manager, impressing the most powerful adventuring team in the city, and rescuing a damsel in distress with the help of Our Definitely-A-Little-Girl Perfect Wife and Our Enlightened-Self-Interest Service Bunny. In the middle of all that, they found time for a flashback to fill in Emily’s backstory.

Verdict: they’re streamlining things a bit to keep the story moving, in a good way; for instance, I don’t think anyone will really miss Ryota’s homosexual panic when he initially thinks The Hot Guy is hitting on him.

(as usual, bunnygirl is unrelated to a show with no decent fan-art)

ST:SNW, season 2 episode 9

Remember last week when I said please don’t do the double whiplash and put the musical episode right after the Klingon War PTSD? Yeah, they did that. There are occasional flashes of humor buried under contrivance, mixed with three different troubled romances, but what really struck me was that most of the actors just stopped doing anything when it was their turn to sing.

Verdict: On a scale of 1 to Once More With Feeling, I give it about a 3. It doesn’t have the staging, the choreography, the songwriting talent, or quite frankly the credibility to pull this off.

(unrelated, but Beelzebub wins in this costume exchange)

Good Omens 2

I’m having trouble getting motivated to watch more of this. I get through a few minutes and then go do something else.

Witcher 3, episodes 6-8


The Big Messy Battle That Brings Almost Everyone To One Location And Kills Off About Half Of Them (but not the hot chicks).


Remember when Geralt got poisoned in the first season and most of an episode was spent with him delirious and talking to people who might or might not be there? Yeah, it’s Ciri’s turn.


Oh, look! A whole bunch of new characters and plotlines to try to get everyone to come back next season and give the new lead actor a chance!

The Little Prints

A friend of mine recently bought a Mossberg 590S shotgun and a Nightstick flashlight/laser-sight replacement forend. Very nice, and my shoulder is sore today from trying it out with Federal Shorty slugs (which are relatively gentle compared to standard slugs).

There’s one problem: the Nightstick is wobblier than the factory forearm; apparently the 590S has a narrower barrel contour than other compatible models. Fortunately, mounting it required inserting the supplied cylindrical spacer, so I quickly knocked together a new one with ears that extend to the barrel, eliminating the wobble. And my X1C bundle included a roll of PAHT-CF, so I finally had an easy print to try out in a sturdy high-temperature material.

Update: I sent email to Nightstick when we ran into this over the weekend, and they called me first thing in the morning Monday to assure me that the forend-wobble will not cause any problems. Nice folks, so I didn't tell him that I fixed it. 😁

(PLA prototype, because we installed the good one before I got a picture…)

The other little problem-solver I printed this week was a set of spacers for some kitchen drawer inserts. The nice adjustable bamboo inserts I brought from the old house were about 2.6 inches shorter than the drawers at the new house. Initially, I just stuffed some stiff foam blocks in the back, but over time the foam started to compress, and eventually the inserts were loose again.

I looked at the drawers, then at the 3D printer, and half an hour later the drawers were firmly held in place.

(good use for the tail-end of a roll of 3-year-old PLA)

(problem-solving maid is unrelated)

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