Science Fiction Double Feature

A Girl And Her Boxxo, episode 5

Two small side stories quickly disposed of this week, as Our DFC Mad Engineer and Our Easygoing Magic Box help out Our Annoying Little Rich Girl, and are then joined by Our Tasty Heroine in a battle against bland chain food.

Verdict: both halves are fun-but-rushed. They’re eager to get back to the main story, but with only three novels worth of material to work from, why race through it?

Good Omens 2, episodes 1-4

I was warned in advance that this is just a half-season that sets up another season (thanks, Pixy!) that may get filmed if the strikers (including Neil Gaiman) go back to work and someone still wants to throw money at this series. Not terrible so far, but I just have no investment in the lesbians, the graverobbers, or the Nazis. Or Jim MacGuffin, really. The lead actors are doing their best with the material they’re being given, it’s just not as good as the previous material.

Verdict: what it really needs is something we haven’t got any of down here any more: Terry Pratchett. On his own, Gaiman just can’t deliver the same caliber of magic.

Well okay then!

The Amazon order that I placed last Monday that they lost on Tuesday and finally offered a refund for on Sunday that takes 3-5 business days to process? I went back to the product page and they offered same-day delivery. Which is interesting only because the lost one shipped from California and they now have a bunch of them in a warehouse 15 minutes from my house.


A few days ago, the young cashier at Jungle Jim’s undermined my good mood by automatically giving me the senior-citizen discount.

(how you know your international market is really international)

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