Magnetized for your protection...

I just watched the opening scene of Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, in which I learned that not only does nitrocellulose have a high ferrous content, but so does lead buckshot. And they say anime kills brain cells…

Fakey McFakeDitto

I was idly surprise-trading in Pokemon Scarlet, hoping to pick up a Passimian to complete my dex, when I received a level 100 6IV shiny Italian Ditto holding a Master Ball, with both the trainer name and nickname set to the domain of the online store who hacked it.

I’m not sure how this works as advertising, because they gave away pretty much the most useful hacked pokemon for free. And they’re probably not the only store doing this, so if I wanted more, I could just keep surprise-trading. “Why buy a cow Miltank…”

(I got the Passimian another way)

Last Chance, Spy Girls episode 4

Now that the kitten’s out of the bag, we get an episode focused on her emotional growth and bonding with the team and the teacher. That’s just as boring as it sounds. Sadly, all of the fan-service is concentrated in the new OP animation, with all of the spygirl-bonding scenes taking place while they’re fully dressed.

Verdict: bye!

Plowing The Fantasy Harem episode 4

In which our Hoe-Mongering Hero gets the seven busty elf cheerleaders to wrestle in the mud and eat his balls (er, onigiri), then builds a bathtub that is just the right size to share with all the gals before acquiring five more busty elf cheerleaders; also, it’s a dog’s life.

Despite sleeping with the vampire and angel and having all the cheerleaders jump in the tub with him, he still seems to be puzzled about their plan to repopulate their race.

Verdict: 12 busty elf cheerleaders; they even have some rudimentary personality differences. I watched this episode twice.

(the good parts of Manic Princess are unrelated)

Busty Bunny With Giant Ars episode 4

In which “I’m just a harmless dolphin, ma’am”, and bunny-service isn’t nearly as interesting as promised, at least until she uses her boobs as a butt-warmer (butt of the spear, that is). And it turns out that Loli & The Grump haven’t been fooling anyone.

Verdict: next week the plot thickens, and I’d really rather it not; honestly, I’d rather just have them do the sidequests and skip the main storyline.

(unrelated bunnygirl, for the usual reason)

Slow Life With Twin Peaks episode 4

🎶 🎶 🎶
Dear Hero Husband,
    Here’s a few things you’ll need to know
If you wanna make it through your wedding night alive.
🎶 🎶 🎶

In which Our Lung-Hung Heroine almost manages to shyly confess propose, only to end up blurting it out in front of the whole town instead. So that cat’s out of the bag, and Our Hero In Sudden Need Of One Ring brokers deals over the mithril mine he stole last episode.

Verdict: please don’t let the appearance of the actual Demon Lord (or the introduction of Some Idiot Out-Of-Town Adventurer) lead to an escalation out of the slow-life genre. And throw in a beach episode with girls of both races.

Isekai Jack-Of-All-Trades episode 4

I disagree with the caption’s claim that Saitou’s quick-change armor invention failed in any way.

Verdict: more light armor and less inter-party interaction, please.

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