3D Cheesecake: the wet look

The new FN High Power pistol is a modern update to the classic Browning/Saive-designed P35, with ambidextrous controls, higher magazine capacity (in free countries), improved sights, etc, etc. I still haven’t seen one in a gun store yet, so I haven’t been able to make a direct comparison against the original, but perhaps they’ll start being produced in quantity next year.

But there’s one way in which it’s still a throwback design: lubrication. Where recently-designed pistols taking full advantage of modern materials and coatings might tell you to put exactly one drop of oil in each of 6 precise locations, the manual for the new High Power has an oiling page that looks like a parts list, with a total of 30 places to lubricate.

But enough about that; here’s a much more interesting set of high/power lube points.

Note: I went into this sure that I had more pictures of well-oiled cheesecake, but they just didn’t turn up when I was scrubbing through my archives, so nearly all are watery instead of oily. Perhaps I need an AI tagging system.

Slippery when wet

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