A Wild Best Girl Appears!

Hoe Harem 5

In which Our Wannabe Heroine Ruri instantly claims the coveted Best Girl position. Also Breast Girl, because the camera just can’t stop panning up from her impressive chest to her lively face. More, please.

Our Overpowered Overprotective Mom, on the other hand, is a real pain (literally and figuratively). Sadly, I think the writers believe her severe physical abuse of husband and son is funny. Less, please.

Next week looks to uncover The Mystery Of Ruri, while hopefully also uncovering The Body Of Ruri. Fingers crossed, but likely broken in three places by Mom, whose secret was almost revealed, and which is almost certainly the reason Our Hoe Master accidentally became OP.

(unrelated swordswoman is unrelated; I swear there’s even less fan-art for this show than there was last week, and the only picture of Ruri is recognizable only due to her costume)

Beast Tamer 5

In which Our Pricktastic Hero Party really, really needs to learn to read the room… as soon as they recover from the savage beatdown inflicted by Our Tamer And His Amazing Waifus. Seriously, I think they all need clean panties now; especially the two guys.

Next week: into the woods! Which will probably involve a cameo by the chastened hero party, and some tag-team waifu-taming action.

Clean Sweep

As in, I did a lot of sweeping and mopping, after staring in awe at just how much vegetation they cleaned out of my yard. They left the healthy trees and took out pretty much everything else, and the new plants will start going into the ground in a few days.

They should be starting on the new drainage and the privacy hedge this week, as well as ripping out the grass down by the street.

(sadly, none of the slashing crew looked like this…)

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