Flatcat & Sword 4

In which a mountain of exposition is bookended by some good old-fashioned goblin-slaughtering. In the middle, some very mild cheesecake, as safety bubbles protect Our Maiden Adventurer from exploitation, and even Our Bountiful Receptionist doesn’t show the goods in the bath; not that kind of show.

(Fran-art continues to be in short supply, despite the apparent popularity of the show)

Home = Depot

Yesterday, I had furniture being delivered, plants being removed, flooring being finished, the landscape designer showing up to suggest some changes, the contractor showing up to figure out how to fix the entry to one of the showers (the old piece was damaged by heavy wheelchair use), three different package-delivery companies dropping things off, “my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it”.

Sadly, they ran out of flooring and shoe molding, and while the sales rep managed to find more from the same lot, it has to be trucked in from a warehouse in California.

The shoe molding was the contractor’s late ordering, the shortage of flooring was the sales rep’s miscalculation. Despite measuring the interior and having the original blueprints in hand, instead of ordering at least 104%, we ended up with about 98%. Sigh.

Today, I’ve got a plumber coming to re-seat the last toilet (new floor is significantly lower than the old one in that room), two guys coming to help me move furniture back into place, my sister coming for the weekend, and the Dread Pirate Roberts is here for your souls. There will be no survivors.

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