A-cup Alchemist 4

This week, Our Flash Heroine makes a quick recovery from the effort of slaughtering the raging mob of giant flaming bears last week, enough so that she decides to visit the nearest big town and makes a three-day trip in half a day. There she meets a bad alchemist and a good alchemist, turns a profit on gooey bits, and heads home in time to invite Our Gatherer Girls to move in, get her house repaired, and make magic induction ranges for both herself and the local inn.

That sounds like a lot, but the pacing still feels like casual slice-of-life, mostly due to the time spent on Cute Girls Doing Cute Things.

(spooky cute girl doing spooky cute things is unrelated but seasonal)

Late Floor Mold

Mold-ing, that is. The flooring was ordered back in July, and arrived at the warehouse well over a month ago. So it came as a surprise to me that the shoe molding wasn’t even ordered until Friday. The guy installing the floors was equally surprised, when he asked the contractor last Tuesday when it would be on-site so he could finish the front half of the house.

So when it came time to move everything from the back of the house onto the finished sections, we had to leave 2-3 feet for access to the walls, so now everything has to get moved an additional time to put it all back where it belongs on Thursday. sigh

On the bright side, my new custom bedroom set from the local Amish furniture store is ready, and will be delivered Thursday. By English truck, of course.

(pretty sure Kiki doesn’t do furniture deliveries…)

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