Flatcat & Sword 3

In which Our Flat-Affect Flatcat lights up after acquiring Our Visionary Blacksmith’s conveniently cute armor, and Random Lingerie Shopkeep saves us from the perilous possibility of no-pantsu shots. The animators have so far expressed no interest in upskirting Our Underage Heroine, but best to avoid temptation.

Exposition and status screens are kept relatively low-key this week, continuing the trend of avoiding the stat-overdose present in the light novels. Other things are also nicely streamlined, with Garrus just handwaving away how he happened to have some cute armor on the ready-to-wear rack.

And cute is indeed the theme of this show, despite the jarring tone shift in the OP. Fran is an adorable engine of destruction, who’s happy just to have good food, a soft bed, and unlimited monsters to kill.

(I hope the show is successful enough to show her reaching her goal in a future season, and that it’s handled better than in the light novels, which spring it on the reader and then reveal the details in a flashback)

“Squeak, I tell you, squeak!”

Flooring guy hadn’t been told that some of the squeaks are not the usual sort of thing where the boards have come loose from the joists over the years, but are the result of metal cross-braces in the basement having worked themselves loose. Those aren’t something he’s equipped to fix, so he called the main contractor, who was already planning to handle them himself.

(classical reference)


The latest updates to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite are not compatible with macOS Catalina, although it looks like they’ll continue to do security updates and bug-fixes for a while. One more reason to finish migrating things to my Windows 11 laptop!

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