Dragon beatdown

Beast Tamer 3

In which we answer the question, “what if someone remade Dog Days as a light-hearted slave-harem comedy without the isekai element?”.

Also apparently without the MCSAs. In fact, it’s pretty much a fan-service-free zone; Our Skirted Haremettes even possess powerful anti-upskirt magic.

Anyway, after two episodes with the catgirl-waifu, we apparently get two with the dragon-waifu. Note that after worrying last week that acquiring her powers might burn out Our Tamer’s nervous system, Our Catgirl doesn’t seem the least bit concerned about him doubling the amperage by adding a dragon; He’s Just That Good.

Hoe Harem 1-3

More officially, Raising my farming skills somehow made me powerful.

And by powerful, they mean “godlike”, because his perfectly ordinary fantasy world has status screens that everyone can use, and that give clear numbers showing him to be off the scale, enough so that within minutes of getting his DLC upgrade, he rescues the local princess in a way guaranteed to set fire to her panties. To which he is of course oblivious.

Why did I watch this? Because there was a lot of dead time in the Confluence upgrade I ran on Saturday (dumping and reloading the DB to upgrade from Postgres 9.6 to 14, rsyncing the shared-home content, running the upgrade, reindexing, etc, etc).

Also, the haremettes are cute, particularly short-haired heroine-wannabe Ruri, who hasn’t shown up yet, sadly.

Note that the one who glomps him in the OP is not a haremette. At least I hope not; she’s his mom.

(there’s hardly even any inept porn for this show, much less decent fan-art; then again, in the first two episodes, they really only introduced the first haremette, and episode three ends on a cliffhangerpigsticker)

When the sun’s juuuuuust right

…I can’t close my garage door. At this time of year, that happens to be right about 5 PM.

Fortunately, I saw this twenty years ago at the old house, so I knew why the same remote control that was able to open the garage at a distance of 75 feet suddenly couldn’t close it from 6 feet away: the sun is striking the do-not-crush-things sensor. The quick fix is to tape a piece of cardboard next to it as a sunshade.

Or not leave the house while the sun’s up. 😁

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