A-cup Alchemist 2

In which Our Plucky Heroine cleans house, meets the neighbors, duels her master, picks up a girl and envies her bustline, and finally opens shop just in time to deal with a crisis! (next episode)

(still pretty much no fan-art, so this is by the light novel artist)

Router woes

Looks like both of my old Shuttle DS61 firewall routers have failing memory. I swapped the original out a while back because the SSD was failing after 8 years, but on Sunday the second box failed while I was downloading a bunch of Windows patches and game updates, limped along for a while after I rebooted it, and then failed again.

Meanwhile, I’d rebuilt the original on a new SSD, so I swapped back, and it promptly failed after a few minutes. Since each crash involved me going down to the basement, I went ahead and built a brand new one on a Protectli Vault 6 Port firewall appliance that I bought earlier this year and had just never gotten around to setting up. So far it’s been rock solid.

With the new rack in the basement, I’m thinking of buying another one and finally setting up OpenBSD’s CARP failover system. Easier than constant trips to the basement. 😁

(and this is where I praise OpenBSD for making it so quick and easy to configure new machines; I was up and running again in about five minutes on brand new hardware, since all I had to do was install the OS from USB, copy /etc from the old machine, and edit the configs to reflect the different NIC type (s/re/em/g); everything else I could do later)

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