Sucked dry and up in smoke

No, not my wallet, savings, or retirement accounts. It’s not like there’s massive inflation or an obvious recession or anything like that. Definitely not. Probably not. Maybe not. Okay, maybe just a tiny bit. Or a lot.

Makes me awful glad the house sale went through and turned my equity into cash.

Call Of The Night 4

After I recently binged episodes 1-3, I was actually looking forward to the next one, and I enjoyed it. Once I adjusted to the art style, I even found Our Fun-Loving Bloodsucking Fiend attractive, apart from the weird boobs (which, by the way, most fan-artists are ignoring… and enlarging).

So I have one show to watch now.

Unrelated, Microsoft has made it really difficult for me to type “binged” or “binging”; I keep seeing it with a hard “g” in the middle. 😁

Smokin’ 2, Electric Boogaloo

The new board for the Traeger arrived as promised, and the weather forecast abruptly changed for the week, so I was able to get it installed Wednesday afternoon. I had a brief moment of not-panic when I discovered I had a connector left over, but apparently there was a second ground wire to the sub-board that was no longer needed in the new revision.

Since it was a brand-new board, it made me go through the 60-minute seasoning process again, but since that conveniently verified that everything worked, I wasn’t upset about it. I think I’ll cook something this time before I re-pair the Bluetooth meat probes, just in case that wasn’t a coincidence. 😁

At the very least, I should smoke some burgers…

Dear fan-artist, WTF?

This showed up on the Pixiv top pics list recently. Nothing wrong with the picture, and artist hews has other nice ones, but the title? WTF?

Mostly in California and New Jersey…

…but also in a lot of places GM has abandoned: the most miserable cities in America.

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