Cloud tax!

(the UPS package that was supposedly held up while the address was “corrected” arrived without any difficulty, on time)

Komi 2.12

White Day, in which Our Hero solicits advice from his sister for a return gift for Komi, while pretending that it’s for Katai (the only other person who gave him chocolate), which doesn’t fool her a bit.

A bit too angsty for my tastes, and I found myself wishing that he’d just break down and confess. And yes, Our Psycho Lesbian Stalker’s return gift to Komi was as disturbing as expected.

And finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for, as the new school year begins, and… they’re still working on it. Good luck, kids, it looks like you’re going to need to be locked in a love hotel by Najimi before you admit that you’ve fallen for each other. Hopefully that happens in season 3, which is not yet confirmed, but highly likely.

Just store it in the cloud!

As part of moving back to Ohio, I built up an extensive collection of saved locations (restaurants, shopping, services, etc) in the Maps app on my new Windows laptop. Yes, using my Microsoft Account to sync them to all devices.

They were there yesterday. All but one of them are gone today, disappearing while I slept, and swiftly synced across all devices so I can’t get them back.

Good thing it wasn’t anything important, eh?

No double votes for me!

I received the official notice that California has processed my request for my voter registration to be cancelled. I of course had no intention of voting twice; I just wanted to make sure that Benito Newsom didn’t illegally mail out a ballot to my old address (again).

Also, it’s additional evidence that I’m no longer a CA resident for tax purposes, which is important when extracting yourself from California.

Go home, Amazon, you’re drunk…

…on cheap wine!

Quad9 outage!

I have my Pi-hole set to use as the primary DNS. When one of the servers answering at that address goes away, the failure mode is peculiar. Lots of partial failures as things time out and fail over to another, and some total failures depending on how name resolution is cached on things like iOS devices.

It was annoying to figure out, because it looked like some pieces of the Internet were completely unreachable (including many DNS servers) and other pieces were half-functional. For instance, Amazon’s web server worked from a browser, but not from the iOS app, and Prime Video played normally from my FireTV Stick but not from my iPad. Meanwhile, the customer-service site for my ISP reported that their customer service itself was down. It all depended on which DNS lookups they were making, and when the results had been cached.

The most interesting bit was that right-clicking to save a picture from Microsoft Edge was timing out, despite the fact that the picture had already been downloaded and cached by the browser.

Ayako Fuji, age 61

I don’t enjoy enka singing, but I’ll respect the singer in the morning.

(via, site NSFW!)

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