Dear Amazon,

This is not a legit error:

Check your delivery info

Your package can still arrive today

UPS fixed the address issue, so please check back later for more delivery info. Check and update the address info in Your Account to avoid this issue next time.

UPS doesn’t actually think my shipping address is wrong. They think you either put the wrong label on the package or multiple contradictory labels. I can guarantee that I don’t need to “update the address info”, especially given that I’ve had 10 deliveries from Amazon at this address just in the past week, at least two of them delivered via UPS.

Now, I do have an issue with FedEx leaning a recent Amazon package against the garage door instead of walking an extra 20 feet to put it on the covered front porch, but fortunately I found it before the large felt pad inside got rained on.

(Kiki is sad that delivery standards have fallen so low since her day…)

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