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I’ve Got A Girlfriend That’s Better Than That, episode 10

In which Our Couple meet up with Our Chosen Hero and Our Assassin and Our Spider, with a great deal of warmth, fun, and a dollop of exposition about the two-edged sword of divine blessings. I laughed out loud multiple times, and also enjoyed the developing relationships on all sides. Shame about the barbie-doll nudity, but despite Rit’s massive breasts, it’s really not that kind of show.

Fun fact: the author was apparently quite surprised when, during the development of the anime, Rit’s character design had a significant growth spurt.

(“Starved For Fan-Art Of This Show, I Settled For Somebody Tracing A Screen Capture From A Recent Episode”)

QA, how does it work?

MacRumors reports an uptick in users unable to get Time Machine to work at all on new Macs running the current OS release. They must be holding their backup drives wrong.

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