Wireless Hydrogen Clouds

[today seems to be a “picture is unrelated” kind of day…]

Dear Amazon,

I guess I won’t be doing any holiday shopping with you. Until you fix your authentication systems, at least.

I tried to re-register an old Fire TV box to test it out at my parents’ house (because they’ve been using the app on their “smart” tv, and it has buffering issues), and it wants me to authenticate it by logging into my Amazon account on a browser. Which asks for my password despite already being logged in, then refuses to accept it. And won’t take the correct password on a fresh browser, either. And took fifteen minutes to send the one-time-code email for a password reset, by which time it was useless.

Have you tried unplugging it and then plugging it in again?

Oh, I see.

Dear Apple,

Q: Why is my Mac indexing and backing up hundreds of megabytes of data every few hours this time?

A: Because it’s dumping verbose crash reports into /Library/Logs/CrashReporter/CoreCapture/WiFi several times a day, all with directories whose names contain the string “BCMWLAN Net Roam Failure”, which sounds odd when I’m eight feet from the only wifi access point in range.

Why is this being indexed? Why is it being backed up? And why is wifi crashing in the first place?

“Designers hope…”

“…hydrogen-powered plane will fly halfway around the world without refueling”.

Meanwhile, engineers hope they can get it off the ground.

And investors hope they can make a big pile and get out before it crashes.

The company or the plane.

His Indian name is “Dances With Fascists”

JWZ has gone all-in on digital vaccine passport mandates. I guess I know what flavor of koolaid they have on tap at DNA Lounge.

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