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Restaurant To Another World, 2.10

First up, Our Wandering Samurai teaches the burger boys a lesson every D&D player knows: pick up a magic weapon before going after undead. In return for his timely aid, they introduce him to a well-rendered teriyaki burger. Next, the insecure but smoking hot ruler of the demon kingdom discovers a new door in her bedroom that leads to a pep talk and a mocha chocolate parfait, courtesy of Our Recuperating Princess. Generally good character art all around, including some nice little moments with Aletta and Kuro.

Make 100 Friends…

Somewhat belatedly, I noticed:

  • Komi of Komi: I want to make 100 friends.
  • Shiki of Edens Zero: I want to make 100 friends… in space!

It seems odd to have this be the big thing for two completely different shows this season.

(one good one should do…)

Bleak Seasons

No, not the Glen Cook novel; I took a look at what’s currently listed for the Winter 2022 anime season. So far, only Realist Hero 2 stands out as a decent time-killer. Remember: when you’re king in a civilization that practices polygamy, every girl can be Best Girl!

Except the loli wolfgirl you adopted into the family. She can find her own future boyfriend, although she will have to share.

(praying for more shows to watch…)

Dear Amazon,

I see you’ve changed the recommendations page again, abandoning the randomly-categorized tiles. This time, the “buy again” links are not at the top (good), but the random grab-bag of “top picks” mostly consists of things I already own (bad, making it just another “buy again” section), and none of them are actually links. I can’t right-click to open an item in a new tab, I have to leave the recommendations page and then hit the back button after each one (bad, bad, bad).

Then, after the lengthy “buy again” section, I get “new releases” that consist primarily of book 5+ of series I’ve never read a single volume of, many of which aren’t even out yet.

Then I get a “kindle ebooks” section, which consists of the exact same books that were in “new releases”, plus book 5+ of yet more series I haven’t read any of.

At the very bottom, after multiple scrolling adjustments as it dynamically reloads the page, I get “explore more items” and “more items to explore”, which (finally!) are actual links to the product pages, but contain nothing even slightly interesting.

(bad recommendations make the dragon-girl sad)

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