Yappy dogs and power tools

Every day, I get another reminder of why I should move. Today, I’m actually eager for the backyard workshops to fire up, because that’s less annoying than the constant high-pitched barking of a dog that has spent the last hour demanding to be let back indoors. Not really conducive to working from home.

Self-Banished Hero’s Drug Party, episode 9

In which Our Couple creates warmth, and Our Chosen Hero takes a vacation. This is heavily stripped from the novel version, but still coherent; they needed to keep things moving if they’re going to make it to the end of book 4. Praise for not skimping on Tisse, and for ending with a great shot of Ruti.

(demonic noodle-topper Miku is completely unrelated, but there’s still almost no (competent) fan-art on Pixiv for this show)

2, 3, 4, Tell The Folks What Komi Wore, episode 7

(classical reference)

In which Our Heroine is gently bullied into something more flattering than her school swimsuit, to the delight of everyone in a ten-mile radius. Relatively tame wackiness ensues, followed by some quiet scenes of Komi testing her boundaries, including a warm cold-food-porn moment with her dad.

Sadly, unlike the recent shaved-ice scene in Restaurant to another world, we do not get to see Komi sticking out her syrup-dyed tongue.

Dear Amazon,

I see you’ve rearranged the interface for the FireTV again, maximizing the advertising space at the expense of burying my watchlist so deep that it took me ten minutes to find it. Are you trying to drive away long-time customers, or just desperately trying to stop bleeding money on an unprofitable product line?

(picture is unrelated; they’re definitely not playing chess…)

Dear MacRumors,

While not all of these are trivial, badly implemented, and/or things no one asked for, I’d like to point out that at least one of your macOS Monterey Tips, Tricks, and Features is really, really in the wrong place, and is perhaps the most iPad-y feature ever to be lazily ported to the Mac:

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