Hybrid Vigor

“She also briefly practiced as a corporate lawyer”

This is not something you expect to find on the bio of a 22-year-old actress. Who’s also quite pretty, and a decent singer. Courtesy of Australia, with the help of China, Singapore, and Japan, Kimie Tsukakoshi:

Yes, I watched the first two episodes of The Bureau of Magical Things on Netflix. How is it? Setting aside the very strong pitch to the teen market (“omigod, the cute elf boy likes me!”), it’s… passing the time until the new anime season starts (Restaurant To Another World 2 on Friday). I really hope the rest of the “teen” cast gets better writing, direction, or acting soon, whichever would help the most; as characters, they make good props.

“That’s some fine QA work, Apple”

Injecting arbitrary URLs into AirTags.

TL/DR: found a lost item with an AirTag attached? Don’t scan it. Ever.

Fraud yesterday, fraud today, fraud forever

From now on, California will always mail out ballots to every address used when someone was automatically registered to vote by the DMV, with no attempt at validation. Well, this will end.

And I’m not Yoda-ing my syntax there.

Ponies are the new shipgirls

I’ve been seeing so many pony-girls on Pixiv recently that I’m wondering if the show is actually good.

Genshin Impact’s fan-art popularity has continued as well, but I stopped playing it… goodness, all the way back around Thanksgiving 2020.

Pop Quiz

What classic science fiction novel would you use this as the cover illlustration for?

Robert Heinlein’s Have Space Suit, Will Travel. I shit you not.

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