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Delay of Slime

The reason they’re not just going into season 3 of Salaryman Slime Demon Lord is that they’re adapting from the manga version, which is currently way behind the light novels. So in addition to the movie, I imagine they’ll do something with the other spinoff series that overlaps with the main story.

Cheating on Amazon

“It’s not that I don’t like you, it’s just that, well, you’re too nice a guy, I guess. I think I’d rather go out with someone more, uh, unpredictable.”

(classical reference)

I recently:

  • bought a laptop directly from HP (in fairness, it’s a custom config)

  • bought a lens from B&H Photo

Both of these should arrive in two weeks, the laptop because it isn’t out yet, and the lens because B&H is closed for Succos (although Amazon quoted me the same delivery date for in-stock-Prime-shipped-by-Amazon, so…).

Yes, it hasn’t been that long since I said I wasn’t going to do either of those things this year, due to the uncertanties of the Bidenhandler regime’s tax-and-tax-and-vax-and-spend plans. Well, I think we can call those certainties now, but at the same time, my first big batch of RSUs just vested, which is going to make my taxes more complicated anyway, and neither item is at the high end of pricing in their respective categories.

I’ve already mentioned the laptop, but the lens is the Sony 100mm f/2.8 STF GM OSS LOL AFK BRB ROFLMAO WTFBBQ. This is the updated version of the “bokeh cannon” lens, specifically designed to produce the creamiest out-of-focus areas in both foreground and background. Like the old Minolta A-mount lens, the special filter reduces the light transmission to effectively f/5.6 (“T/5.6”), while still having the depth-of-field of an f/2.8 lens when used wide open. Unlike the old one, it’s a bit shorter (100mm vs 135mm), and not only has autofocus, but also in-lens image stabilization.

Until I also buy a full-frame body, it will effectively be a 150mm lens, which would be really tight for portraits (but extremely flattering), but it should be awesome for picking out details and reducing clutter in vacation pictures. (and if the trip ends up Covid-pushed off to Spring, then I’ll definitely buy the A7S III body by then, and its incredible low-light performance will overcome the T/5.6 limitation for use inside temples, castles, amd museums)

And, yes, I hate using the English term “bokeh”, because it is emphatically not the Japanese word for the quality of out-of-focus areas in a photograph; also the abuse of “prime lens” to mean “non-zoom lens”, but no one outside of an optics textbook gets that one right.

What if they opened a porn shop and nobody came?

Mandarake, the otaku-goods chain that opens half a dozen different specialty shops near each other rather than one catchall, added an adult-oriented one in Nakano Broadway. Apparently their neighbors complained, and it was at least temporarily shut down. It looks like their focus was vintage and modern porn that flirted with the boundaries of what’s currently legal, or at least that’s what they were allegedly shut down for.

(if Jahy-sama can’t make a living as a waitress, she has a real future in adult films)

Speaking of porn…

I should call Carmen and see if this offer is still good!

File that under “things you find when cleaning out a closet and going through boxes that haven’t been opened in more than 20 years” (in this case, probably more than 30; I don’t think Mellow Mail and Night Classics lasted very far into the Nineties, and they were still using photos in their catalogs that were shot in the late Eighties).

Mellow Mail was a light-and-fun fashion/lingerie catalog in the “sell things to men who try to get their girlfriends to wear them” genre, and they added Night Classics for naughtier stuff and toys as the competition got, um, stiff. Fun fact: their headquarters was down the street from the Sunnyvale Fry’s Electronics, although Carmen and the other gals did their modeling work in Chicago and LA.

Paging Rorschach!

So a careful investigation of real-estate-listing photos of the bedroom of the alleged girlfriend-killer eagerly being sought by police revealed that he… owned a copy of Watchmen. Damn, I hope they never search my house and find my copies of Those Annoying Post Bros

Although, honestly, that wouldn’t even make the top-10 list of Problematic Things Found At J’s House…

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