Meat don't fail me now!

Komi Can’t Stream

…unless you subscribe to Netflix.

Also, two-week delay after it airs in Japan? What is this, the stone age?

I can haz Boar’s Head

Turns out there’s an independent grocery store south of town that has the full line of Boar’s Head meats, Star Market. They close a lot earlier than Safeway and Nob Hill, but my work-from-home hours are sufficiently flexible that that’s a lot better than driving to Del Rey Oaks.

Dear Amazon,

My “everyday essentials” recommendations include both 30TB and 60TB Ultrium data cartridges, 8TB NVMe SSDs, and cables with connectors I don’t even recognize. Are you sure you haven’t confused me with a high-end 4K/8K video producer? I mean, seriously, the most advanced technology I’ve bought from you in the past three months was a new Yubikey.

Cosplay by Azami

The young lady responsible for the Gawr Gura naughty cosplay photos has Patreon and Twitter accounts.

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