Restaurant To Another World 2 teaser

On the youtubes. Even if the first season hadn’t been really good, I’d be looking forward to this simply because it doesn’t abuse all the tropes that other isekai stories do. Our Heroine’s powers are hard work and the determination to improve her life. Our Hero’s powers are being a well-trained, experienced chef who’s good to his employees and sympathetic to people who are down on their luck. Together, they run a nice little restaurant that brings different races together in peace, subtly improving their world.

Different animation studio and character designer, but same director and actors, so it should work out.

Speaking of isekai…

The brief-but-mildly-amusing vending-machine-in-another-world novel series is getting a new manga adaptation. I don’t see an anime series in its future.

(KFC waitress/maid is at best loosely related)

“Top Men”

Usually when you get burned by a contracting agency, it’s because they sent you incompetents or prima donnas. It’s generally not the case that they suddenly fire someone who’s been working for you for quite a while, who you’re happy with and rely on, without notice or cause.

Fortunately we were already connected on LinkedIn, so I could at least reach him privately after all his work accounts were disabled.

Also fortunately, I didn’t have to lie and pretend not to know why his VPN access didn’t work any more when they failed to notify him on schedule.

If I were the manager, something I’m happy to not be, I would be seriously looking at reducing our dependency on this particular vendor.

(arguably related, due to Tanya’s career history…)

Two weeks!

That’s how long it took Apple to discover that the 7.6 firmware release for their watches included a shiny new exploit. To paraphrase the old tone-deaf IBM PS/1 ad, “the less you know about QA, the more you’ll like Apple products”.


A number of restaurants and stores are jumping under the “no vaccination, no service” bandwagon. If they don’t just take your word for it, and demand some sort of proof, I think there’s only one sensible response:

“You charge what for a blowjob?!?”

(Ai-chan cheating at the “leg-hold pose” is how I feel about masking up to walk into a store, so it’s definitely related)

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