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The complete, official version of Buck Godot: The Gallimaufry is now available for purchase.

Filed a Joplin bug

Leading digits cut off on ordered lists. Kind of annoying, but the root of the problem is that they’re using a very naive webview in all clients that has no padding, so even when things aren’t being cut off, they’re right up against the edge of the window. I’ve been manually starting each note with a DIV that sets:

font-family: monospace; font-size: 17px; line-height: 1.3em; padding-left: 16px

Photo Deathmatch: 81 pics enter, 1 pic leaves

I never made more than a cursory pass over the pictures from our 2019 Japan trip. As we’re absolutely-positively-definitely going in November, I thought now would be a good time to sort through all 1,050 of them.

I decided to be very aggressive about the weeding process, using the more-or-less standard stars/flags/keywords that are supported in Lightroom:

  1. First pass, just take out the trash: reject anything that’s out of focus, severely over/under-exposed, random misclicks, etc. If you stop to think about salvaging it, keep it. (998 left)

  2. Give every remaining picture 4 stars, then set the filters to show only pictures with exactly 4 stars.

  3. Second pass, downrank 2/3 of the pictures to 1 star. Keep going until you hit that number. (330 left)

  4. Go away for an hour/day/week, then downrank 2/3 to 2 stars. (110 left; “I am here”)

  5. Go away for an hour/day/week, then downrank 2/3 to 3 stars. (~36 left)

  6. Go away for an hour/day/week, then uprank 1/3 to 5 stars. (~12 left)

  7. Any pictures that are interesting for other reasons can be flagged or tagged with a keyword at any step, but don’t spend significant time on them. This allows you to quickly handle things that are interesting but not necessarily good.

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