Stop, Drop, and Spool

I ran out to Costco in between meetings Friday, where I found Clorox sanitizing wipes for the first time since March. A 5-pack of giant containers, of course, Costco being Costco, and it turned out that two of them had been crushed just enough that they’d be dried out by the time I wanted them, so I pulled out the wipes and double-bagged them in freezer bags.

Before I left, I started a six-hour print job. When I came back, it was finished. Or, more precisely, it wasn’t printing any more, and there was no error message on the display, but it was only maybe a third done. It looked fine, I had plenty of filament left, and a quick extruder test showed no issues of any kind. I wish I’d left my status script running, which would have captured any error messages.

Lesson learned. Reprinted the same file and it worked perfectly, of course.

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