Time, Space, and The Big Bang

Earth-Shattering Kaboom

Ruger sells a .454 Casull revolver with a 2.5-inch barrel. I’m not sure why it holds six rounds; maybe they expect you to enter the bear den with two friends, so you have enough hands.

Astra Lost In Exposition

I noticed that Funimation now has an “uncut” version of Kanata No Astra up for streaming. Since there was really nothing to cut from the broadcast version, I assume they’re just using this label to mean “Bluray version”, with whatever cleanup was done for that release. Not that I’d complain if the swimsuit episode was more… detailed.

I didn’t really notice any changes in the first episode, but watching it really cemented my opinion that the talk-em-to-death resolution in the final episode completely destroyed all the world-building they’d done up to that point. The lengthy, detailed explanation of How Everything Happened is simply incompatible with the world the characters are shown living in.

Related, the Amazon price for the coming-soon Bluray of The Demon Girl Next Door just dropped from an insane $70 to the slightly-saner $50.

Eaten By Morlocks

I’ve gotten used to Apple’s Time Machine occasionally failing to a NAS, because their model for network backups is incredibly fragile. Until last night, though, I hadn’t had a failure with my encrypted external USB-C SSD. Then TM barfed up a lung, and I couldn’t unmount the drive because the indexer was grinding away on it. When I looked at the drive, I saw 894GB in use, but nothing at all in ls -al output, not even “.” or “..”.

Nothing wrong with the SSD, just the OS losing track of the file system that’s on it. Likely the result of a momentary California Power Blip, because the single USB-C port on my MacBook can’t drive both a hub and an SSD without external power.

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