Sweat the little stuff...

These are absolutely brilliant, and I’ve never seen them in the bath/plumbing department of any store:

A set came with my Toto Washlet adapter kit, and after realizing how they worked, I will never again buy a toilet lid that comes with the standard craptastic auto-loosening bolts. As a bonus, Toto lids come with little rubber strips that further improve their side-to-side stability.

In other Amazon news, it looks like they’ve not only fully restored the recommendation tiles, but ditched the “buy it again” tiles and created a separate page that lists them out individually instead. Since I was quite sick of having to scroll past the things-I-won’t-buy-again, I’m a big fan of this change. The new buy-it-again page also seems to sort actual repeatable items to the top more reliably, although it still thinks that I go through an awful lot of Loctite, and that laptop stands are a consumable item.

And at the bottom of the page, it still claims that “Recommended items other customers often buy again” includes things like the Bluray collection of “How not to Summon a Demon Lord”…


Sigh, no, the buy-it-again garbage tiles are back. Must have been briefly turned off by the same sort of glitch that took out the recommendations over the holidays. Oh, well.

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